A happy story about an inventor and his dog

Albert Chao is an engineer and inventor with an inquiring intellect and a passion for creating novel solutions to everyday problems.

Observing his beloved Cocker Spaniel, Essence, struggling with ear infections, Albert began thinking about increasing natural airflow and decreasing moisture in her ears.

Albert created, tested and refined countless prototypes, while studying canine evolution and optimised airflow over long, floppy dog ears.

Researching and sourcing different materials and manufacturing processes, he made many new friends, found suppliers and associates to produce his new invention, and began production in the US.

The result:
2 patents and countless happy dogs.

We will donate 10% of our profits to ASPCA, American Kennel Club & other reputable charities that benefit dogs.

US Patent No. 7,946,254B2
and D628,348S
Additional patents pending.