NEW Patent D829_388S prevents ear infections in long, floppy dog ears

How to prevent dog ear infections

The patented Dog EarLifter Ear Care Harness prevents dog ear infections – without costly medications – by restoring and improving natural airflow in dogs with long, floppy ears.

Have your dog wear the EarLifter harness for 1 hour whenever:

• Ears are wet from bathing

• Ears are wet from swimming

• Ears are wet from grooming

• Ears are wet from rain

Does your dog have an ear infection?

• Do your dog's ears smell bad?

• Does your dog shake his or her head?

• Is your dog scratching their ears?

• Do your dog's ears feel hot?

Curing existing dog ear infections more quickly

The Dog EarLifter Harness, when used in conjunction with treatment recommended and/or prescribed by your veterinarian, can help existing dog ear infections to heal faster.

Your dog should wear the EarLifter harness for 2 or more hours every day, until the ear infection heals.